Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Adventures in Early Morning Walking

Our dear friends and neighbors, Kim and Paul are also my walking buddies. We get up and start our walk at 5:15am several mornings every week. Since it is still dark when we walk, Kim's hubby is a good sport to go along with us. Well this morning we were glad he did not only for the protection we thought we needed for a split second, but for the great laugh we all had together.

We were walking along our usual route when we turned the corner onto the street that runs by the railroad track in our small town. All of the sudden we heard what sounded like a PACK of dogs barking. When we looked in the direction the barking was coming from, we saw and heard the trees rustling. It sounded like something HUGE coming through the trees. The dogs were going CRAZY. I just knew we were about to have a Big Foot sighting. Kim grabbed my hand like I was going to do her some good! Kim lets go of my hand and is walking faster than I have ever seen her (that is really saying something since she is a fast walker anyway)and leaves Paul and I behind to be eaten by the Yeti. In a situation like that you don't have to be the fastest person, just faster than the slowest person. I don't know how that would have turned out between Paul and I but I do know Kim was not waiting around to see who the casualty would have been!

Paul and I start to laugh when we see the tree stop shaking and realize we are not facing certain death and hear the dogs barks turn into howls. These dogs sounded like a sick pack of hyenas. One of the dogs sounded like a howler monkey at the zoo. You know, the one that gets a big bubble neck and starts yelling so loud it can be heard for miles. It was hideous sounding but hysterical! I was nearly wetting my pants. I was waiting to hear the gunshot from the angry neighbor at 5:30am. All the while, Kim was at least 20 paces ahead of us and not looking back.

It does not take much to amuse me, obviously...thank goodness. It might get expensive to pay for real entertainment!

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