Thursday, August 26, 2010

11? MASON?

Have we really had him for eleven years?  The time has flown!  That boy is just great and I have enjoyed every second of being his mom.  He has had some ups and downs this past year but all of it has made him into the great young man he is today.  Here are 11 things about our oldest son that make him the special guy he is to our family.
1.  He has a servant's heart.  He gives himself to help others naturally.  He gets that from his of the many reason's I love him too.
2.  Mason draws detailed designs of things he wants to invent.  He builds phenomenal things out of Legos too.  He has a spacial ability that I just don't have so it AMAZES me!  He may be my little engineer someday.
3.  He is a wonderful brother.
4.  He is respectful of adults.  I love to hear good manners!
5.  Mason is a good little football player.  He loves to play so he gives it his all.  He may be a little guy but he plays big!
6.  He is developing his own sense of style.  I love to see it come out.
7.  He is a good student.  He works hard and puts his studying first.
8.  I love his laugh.
9.  His kind and gentle spirit reminds me of my mother, who I love DEARLY!
10.  His blond hair gets curly when it gets makes me hate to cut it...he is gonna be a knockout!  Those little girls better lookout for this mama ;-)
11.  I love to hear him lead our prayer at dinnertime or on the way to school in the morning.  He loves the Lord and I enjoy getting a glimpse of that relationship.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer is fleeting...

We have had a GREAT summer! We went to Six Flags, church camp, water parks and Colorado. I don't know what more we possibly could have done. We enjoyed every bit of it! Our trip to Colorado was without Daddy this time but we still had a blast even though we missed him. We turned Aunt Laura, Uncle Jake, Josh and Brooke into Geo caching nerds. If you haven't heard about this fun family activity I suggest you check it out.
Here we are waiting for the July 4th fireworks to begin.
Getting ready to take off on our roller coaster!

Self portrait during our flight to Denver. I think Andrew had a mouthful of peanuts!

I hope their summer was special for them. Lots of adventures together and secrets shared.

As sorry as I am to see it's freedom come to an end, I am always ready for the routine of the school year. Even my boys are usually ready by the time we reach mid August. I have posted before here about how much I love school and how I always want my boys to develop that love. I know, I'm a nerd... but hey, a leopard never changes his spots!