Thursday, March 25, 2010


Every day there is something funny, sweet or just downright memorable my boys say or do and I always say I'm going to write that down. Most of the time I don't and find myself trying to remember. So here I go with my list of "little boy lingo" that I just have to document to remember these days filled with sweetness.

ANDREW: While fighting the bad guys as the Princess character on his Star Wars Lego game on his DS, "Don't be so rough with a ladaaaay" He said it in such a funny way, it was the cutest. I guess he has heard me tell him such things when we play around and wrestle. I always tell them I'm a lover not a fighter ;-)

Before we moved into the house and I was still spending the weekends painting, painting, and painting. It got quite tedious for me and especially so for Andrew. He would bring toys and play in the new game room but a little guy gets bored after hours and hours. During these long days Andrew would pop his head in the room I was painting to tell me something or ask a random question. I just had to document what some of the random thoughts go through the mind of this little 6 year old cutie.

What was your favorite toy when you were a little girl?

I built a new floor (out of leftover hardwood pieces) in my house (a large cardboard box).

What is an eyeball made of? Is it squishy?

______ is my favorite girl at school because she laughs at all my jokes.

What is 125 plus 9?

Sometimes I would just laugh out loud at the randomness of these things!

MASON: He is growing up and the conversations with him are getting so much more grown up. Mark has been reading Proverbs with him so he is learning a lot. One day as they were reading the subject was wicked women. The next day Mason told me that the bible says to run from bad girls. I said, "what is a bad girl?" He said, you know, the kind that want to kiss on boys a lot. I just nodded my head and said, "yeah, run fast!" I got so tickled but I am glad he is learning about God's word on subjects that will quickly be part of his life.

He has always had quite the insight on women. One day years ago when he was only 2 or 3 years old we had hired one of they boys from our church youth department, Hayden, to help Mark work to clean up an area we were about to build an addition onto our old house (yes, there is a pattern to our home remodel sickness) so we were having lunch together before they went back out to work. I asked Mark if he wanted me to come out and rake leaves to help them get finished before dark. Mason interrupted and said, "Girls don't rake leaves". I was a little indignant and said, "Oh, really? Why not?" He said that boys do that work and girls cook dinner. I was taken aback by his already accepted gender roles that he had seen in our home. Mark & Hayden thought it was funny and asked what else girls did. Mason said, "They wash dishes." Mark was just laughing and asked again, "what else". He quickly said, "They put band-aids in their underwear." It took me a minute but once I realized what he was referring to my jaw dropped & Mark was speechless (that says a lot since that almost never happens...he always has a witty comeback). Hayden either didn't understand Mason's baby talk enough to know what he said or was polite enough to pretend he didn't. Needless to say, privacy in the bathroom became a bigger priority after that conversation but how can you avoid taking your toddler in the bathroom stall with you at Wal-mart? This story will make us laugh for years!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Settling into Home...

Well we are working to settle into the new house but I have decided it will take a while. I couldn't really describe my decor style...old world with a splash of whimsy and contemporary. Is that really a style? All I know is I know what I like when I see it. Also, I only want something if the price is more than right. Mark and I went to an antique auction a few weeks ago and had a blast. We picked up so many things for a song! I don't really care if things are in perfect condition. In fact, I prefer something that has lived a life and shows it. In the picture of the living room below you can see a bit of the 9' by 12' very worn wool rug we purchased at the auction for $30! The old rug looks right at home on my old wood floors. I still need to find the right piece of artwork for above the mantle. I tried a big mirror and I didn't like it at all. Suggestions...?Here are a few more of my bargain finds that I have or will scatter throughout the house.

These old pickle jars with lids painted black make great containers for my little baking station! I think I paid $5 for all three of them.
This matted great black and white photo: $1.99 at Goodwill
I scattered my fiesta in with these ADORABLE hand painted dishes I found on clearance at Target for a SONG!
More of my fiesta dishes I have collected over the years.
This is the best find BY FAR...this old SPECTACULAR desk chair for $15 at that little country Flea Market. Just gotta clean off that white paint splatter and hit the wheels with a little WD40 and it is PERFECT for our office.
My last find that I will share is probably my favorite simply because my Hubby and boys LOVED IT. My Steeler fans in Cowboy country loved my $5 Goodwill find. Who would have ever dreamed I would find such a thing? I will paint the frame black and hang it in Mason's room or the game room.

I still have a ton of stuff to do but I like doing it slowly and layering the house with great finds with character at a bargain. And just is spring and neither of my boys wanted to play baseball this year. I can spend my Saturday mornings hunting Garage sales ;-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My little knight in shining armour...

Andrew and I had appointments with the dental hygienist today so we did a little shopping while we were out. We went into a furniture store to look at the selection of U-shaped sectionals. While we were there, the boys saw a king size bed and were commenting on how big it was. I explained to Andrew that it was bigger than our bed because it was a king size bed. He asked what size our (mom and dad's) bed was and I told him ours was a queen size. He thought for a while and said, "Is mine a knight size?". It took me a minute but I finally understood his logic. We recently watched the movie Dragon Heart so kings, queens and knights were fresh on his mind. I didn't bother to tell him his was twin size, I told him his was just the right size for my brave little knight.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I am taking the week off...with a few project to work on from home while the boys veg out. Just like last year, we are staying home and enjoying some down time. Mason and I spent this past weekend at home while Mark and Andrew went up to see Grandma and Grandpa in Kansas. Mason spent Sunday afternoon playing at a friend's house so I had the house to myself for a few hours. I really didn't know what to do with myself! I worked on bank statements and retirement accounts. I know I am a NERD! When I went to pick Mason up he said he felt lightheaded. He has a fever but no other symptoms. I hope a day of rest and jello will make everything better.

The weather here is beautiful and makes me ready to get to work in the yard! It looks awful since it is still dirt & ruts from construction. Mark will probably start next weekend with equipment to level out the yard and work on the fence in the backyard.These bulbs blooming in all the mess give me hope!
I will see if I can recruit Andrew to help me wash my car today. The weather is too nice to stay indoors but with Mason not feeling well we better stay home. Happy Spring everyone!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Here's the scoop.

OK, here is an update on our crazy life. Not long after we moved into the new house, Mark's grandpa became very ill so we went to Kansas to visit for a few days. He is doing better but we do covet your prayers for his strength and comfort. He is 94 and the Lord may call him home at any time. We love him so and want every moment we can have with him but we also know that he is ready to go Home to Heaven. Even as he recovered from pneumonia in his hospital bed he reached out to tickle little Andrew. Grandpa is always the tickler and teaser. One night he tried to get out of bed and Mark told him, "Grandpa, the doctor does not want you out of bed." He responded, "The doctor isn't here right now is he?" And I wonder where my husband gets his tenacity!

Mason had his regional Destination Imagination competition and his team PLACED FIRST in their event!! They move on to the state level competition and we are so happy for them. These kids worked so hard and I love to see them enjoy the fruit of all their hard work.

I am in St. Louis as I type this and it has been one crazy day getting here! My printer wouldn't print my boarding pass, my GPS was missing, printer wouldn't print map quest directions, left my jacket at home and had to turn around and get it 30 minutes into my commute to the airport...and finally make my flight to St. Louis and meet my group for a dinner meeting. I come back to my hotel room and my key will not work, the hotel master key will not work...finally the maintenance guy fixes my room door lock after I "relax" in another room for 30 minutes. I think I should go to bed Scarlett O'Hara says, "tomorrow is another day."I may have had a look on my face similar to this one most of the day...especially when the poor hotel desk clerk couldn't get my room opened. I promise to smile more tomorrow.