Friday, August 26, 2011


No, this post is not about college football but believe me, this house is keenly aware it is football season.  Today Mason is turning 12.  It has been a blessing to raise him and watch him grow into the wonderful young man he is becoming.  I love this kid so much, here are 12 reasons why:

1.  Mason has a great quirky sense of humor, just like his mom, so we laugh together often.
2.  I've watched him be a hard worker this summer.  He mowed our neighbor's yard to earn his own money and has done a great job.  He is even mowing our yard for dad!
3.  He is becoming more patient with his brother and is being a good example to him
4.  He is so loving to his baby sister.  She is only a few weeks old and I can tell she knows his voice and likes to hear it when he is home.
5.  He is trying new things like playing guitar and beginner band percussion.
6.  This boy is a great friend.  We have new neighbors and he couldn't wait to invite the kids over to swim and ask their son (who is 10) to go bike riding with him.  He loves to make people feel welcome.
7. Football is his favorite sport.  He doesn't let his smaller build stop him.  He plays hard and loves every minute of it!
8.  Mason continues to be a good student and work hard.  He puts his studies first.
9.  Maturity is blossoming in him.  I can see a bit of the man he is becoming and it is wonderful. 
10.  New foods are not always fun for him but he is boldly trying new things.  He even decided he likes fried okra!
11.  The little girls next door (ages 5 and 7) came over to see if Mason could play.  He didn't make a face and tell me he didn't play with little girls.  He went outside and played so sweetly with them for a few minutes before dinner.
12.  He loves the Lord and is learning to be His feet.  He invited several neighborhood kids he has been playing with to go to church on Wednesday night.  When I asked him if they had fun he said yes but he was most excited that they would be learning about Jesus.

Every year with Mason is a new adventure.  He takes us to the next phase of parenting and teaches us so much in the process while we try to teach him.  We are truly blessed to be his parents.  We love you, Mason.  Happy Birthday!

Back to School Blues

For the very first time the boys were not overly excited about going back to school.  I think it is because they do not want to leave their new little sister behind.  They are just smitten with her and it is so cute.  I have to admit, since I am home right now, I hate to not have them home all day too.  Once the day arrived they were pretty excited and ready to go back. 

It was an interesting morning.  Getting 3 kids ready to go in the morning is quite different!  Mark was home but was leaving for the airport that day.  He was able to take the kids for their first day.  You know I couldn't stay behind so Melanie and I went along too.
Here's little Melanie riding with her two big brothers to their first day of school as 6th and 2nd graders.  Doesn't she look excited?

Boy do I love these not so little guys!

We dropped Mason off at the intermediate campus and drove around to the elementary building.  I asked Andrew if he wanted me to walk him inside on his first day.  He had a funny look on his face and said, "no way mom"  I guess second graders don't need mommy to walk them inside.  At least Melanie will let me walk her in someday...I hope not too soon.   :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here she is!

Melanie Grace decided to make herself known a little over two weeks early.  She was born at 9:24am on Tuesday, August 3rd.  She weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Needless to say, we are all in love with our new little bundle of joy.
We have been home since August 4th and so far little Miss Melanie is doing great.  She is eating and sleeping like a pro.  I almost hate to say that since things can change on a dime!  I am convinced that she is going to fall right into place in this family.  :-)  The boys are so sweet with her.  They can't wait to see her first thing in the morning when they wake up and they make sure the kiss her before they leave or go to bed.  It just melts my heart to see the love they have for her immediately.

I'm off to my newest job on the milk train!  The hours are rough but my new boss sure is cute! :-)