Thursday, November 17, 2011

A girl and her Granny

On the days I work at home, this is how Melanie and Granny spend the early afternoon.  Granny is crazy about her little Great Granddaughter and Melanie is crazy about her.  She smiles so big when Granny talks to her.  I love the sweet connection they already have.

 What a cozy spot for a little nap!

Those hands have loved a lot of babies!  It started with her baby sisters, her own two boys along with nieces and nephews.  Then her grand children, great grand children, and now she even has 3 great, great, grandchildren.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tricks and Treats - A Happy Halloween

Halloween is FUN!  I love carving pumpkins, creating costumes, and of course trick or treating.  So needless to say, we had a great time last night. Andrew has been planning his costume for weeks.  He is just like me when it comes to Halloween.  He looks forward to all of the fun.  Mason does too, but at his age sometimes he is unsure if he should be too excited about Halloween.  Some kids act like they are too big for dressing up and trick or treating.  I tell him I never outgrew the fun.  This year I was thrilled when he decided (at 4:00pm on Halloween) he wanted to dress up.  We put together his costume quickly and I have to say it was HILARIOUS!
 My nerd, my little pumpkin, and my flying ace.  Be sure to notice their throwing up pumpkin on the steps.  Andrew picked that design :-)

 Our sweet little pumpkin!  I was going to dress her like a ghost with a cute little white tutu but Mason insisted she should be a pumpkin just like he and Andrew were.  He loves tradition.  He was right, she was an adorable pumpkin.
 I loved Masons brief case for carrying his candy.  He was the funniest Nerd.  He was acting it out all the way.  Andrew is so creative.  He came up with his costume himself.  I helped him with the scarf but he found the rest.
 Here they are waiting for tricks or treats!  Notice the "KICK ME" sign on Mason's back.  He was kicked a few times in good fun.
Here is Andrew with all of his loot!  He had a blast.  After we finished dinner, Andrew wanted to go to a few more houses.  Mason wasn't wanting to do anymore so I took Andrew for a bit longer.  He is just like I was as a kid...and still am, he doesn't want all the fun to end.  Once we finished up he was ready to dump out his candy.  He was thrilled when Mason gave him all of his too.  I love these kiddos!  They make simple things so much fun.  Just think, next year Melanie will be ready for some candy too.