Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I love...
a productive day
half and half in my coffee
the smell of pine sol
a house full of kids
a shy smile breaking through when my kids are pouting
a neatly organized closet
the quiet of the morning when i am the only one awake
my family all together at the end of the day
sharing recipes with my sisters
Nothing edgy, extravagant or exciting really makes this list...I'm low maintenance.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. It went by so fast, but good times always do :-) We went to a WONDERFUL Good Friday service at our Methodist church in town. The youth did the service and it was phenomenal! It provoked very good questions from both of our boys and opened the opportunity for conversation about the sacrifice Christ made for us all.
We went "Easter Eggin" (as my friend April's little boy calls it...I love that too much not to say it here!) at our town Easter in the Park festivities. My kiddos love the sack races and Mason took second place this year. My camera died so I only have the one shot of Mason in action.

You gotta hold your tongue just right to win a sack race.

On Sunday morning we went to church for another wonderful service.

Don't these little guys look so handsome!

Our music minister always sings He's Alive on Easter Sunday. It makes me cry EVERY TIME! I guess I can just relate to Peter in the gospels, always wanting to put his whole heart into everything for the Lord but failing miserably sometimes. We had a nice lunch at home and hunted eggs again in the backyard, this time with money inside. It was fierce competition but once it was all done I was happy to see that both shared with each other nicely. We didn't ask them to so that made it even sweeter!

I love this picture of Andrew pulling his pants up as he runs to get some eggs! Excuse they yard...it looks like a plowed field since Mark is workingto level it out before we landscape.

Andrew was posing with his BIG Easter bunny.

The boys were so sweet they gave me an Easter bunny too. They know momma loves her chocolate...but what is wrong with this picture? (Beside the fact that I look like a line backer...what is with my GIGANTIC neck) My bunny must have shrunk! ;-)
We had a great weekend together. We hope you did too.