Thursday, July 26, 2007


My sister Laura and I are so close and I LOVE IT! We live hundreds of miles apart but you would never know it when we get together. Sadly that is not often enough now that we both are busy with our families. We want to start getting our families together as often as we can so our kids can start building some great memories together. We just have to get our husbands to take breaks for long weekends together. I MISS THEM!!! Enjoy these pictures of her ADORABLE family.

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Patti said...

Amy. Im glad you and your sister are going to try and get your families together as much as possible. I have a niece and nephew that are the same ages as my kids, and we got together as often as we could when they were growing up and our daughters are very close! They neither one have sisters, so they are like sisters to each other. And my ex-sister-in-law is still a sister to me. I love her dearly.