Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well, that is how the Louisiana folks say it. I am finishing up my convention in New Orleans today and will be flying home tomorrow. This was my first trip to "The Big Easy". The city is being rebuilt but is still struggling. It has a lot of interesting and beautiful history that I would love to explore sometime like the old plantation homes on river road and the natural beauty of the swamps. There is also a sleazy side to this city that I do not care for at all. Definitely an experience...the best part by far was the FOOD! I know you guys can't believe me talking about food!HEHE. We took some clients to dinner at a FABULOUS restaurant named Tommy's. It was Italian, French and Cajun cuisine. It is a testament to the many cultures of this city. I had a wonderful veal Marsala for dinner and sampled many great desserts. I have also had Oysters Rockefeller, wonderful Cajun shrimp and great gumbo on this trip.In this city I have probably gained five pounds in two days! My cholesterol is probably off the charts. I need my walking partners to come home and get back on the exercise plan with me...on that note, I think I will go exercise before dinner tonight. I won't feel as guilty indulging if I spend some time on the treadmill.

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Patti said...

Sounds like a fun time in N'Awlins!!Have a safe trip home!