Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My friend Carolyn spent an evening with us last week and Mason convinced her to play the Disney Cars movie racing game with him. I hate to tell on her but she is about as good at video games as I am...that is not saying much. I will say she is a much more patient soul than me with those games. Mason had so much playing with her. Just look at that smile on his face. It looks like she was having a good time to hearing the boys sweet laughter.

She and Mark worked together for about 3 years and Mark quickly saw what a great person she is. I have really enjoyed getting to know Carolyn better this year. She has the biggest heart and a fun personality. The boys absolutely adore her and so do Mark and I. I love how the Lord just puts fabulous people in our lives to bless us and show us how much He loves us. When I think of Carolyn, I think of her generosity, caring nature, and fun spirit. I think if we look at the qualities we love so much in our friends, it shows us a piece of the character of God. Look around your life and stop and think about just how wonderful God is!

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Kimi said...

Carolyn is so precious. I know how much of a blessing she is to your family. I love being around her, even when she is going through a hard time, she makes you feel good when you are around her.