Sunday, December 16, 2007


When I was a little girl, I remember sitting with my mother in the kitchen while my older sisters were getting our Christmas decorations down and ready to “deck the halls” of our humble home. We were listening to Christmas carols and having a great time in all the excitement of the season. I looked across our small kitchen and saw my mother crying. I remember wondering, “Why is she crying? In my little mind I thought tears were only for sadness and this was the best time of the whole year! I asked my mother the question “Why are you sad” and she answered, “I’m not sad, this is just my favorite Christmas song”. But still, I did not understand what the tears were for as “The Little Drummer Boy” played joyously in our home.

Now that I am older, I find myself brought to tears when I hear “The Little Drummer Boy”. The verse that expresses, “I have no gift to bring that’s fit to give our King” does it to me every time! None of us have anything in ourselves fit to give our glorious King. But what do we offer to “play for Him”? I know I feel like what I offer him in my “playing” is so feeble and small. That is what starts the tears when I hear that precious song. Our lives should reflect the gift of love He gave us that Christmas night that leads to the forgiveness He so freely gives. How do we do that; by sharing that wonderful love and forgiveness with others in our words and deeds.

As I look at my refrigerator covered with novice artwork created by my sweet sons; some of which are unidentifiable objects; I have to feel a little of the love God has for us. I’m sure the Lord looks at my attempts to please him with my “Playing” like I look at those meager pictures. They are so valuable to me because they were created by someone I love unconditionally that is trying to show me that he loves me too. Those pictures may not meet any design plans in my home but I wouldn’t hang the most prized Picasso in their place.

Knowing this, I will continue to “play my drum” before the Lord. My rhythm may be poor and the song unidentifiable, but it is my prayer that it still be pleasing to Him. I am His child and long to show Him I love Him.

My sons may find themselves wondering, just as I did, why mom is crying because of a Christmas song. I pray that they grow to understand where those tears come from, just as I now do when I think back to that Christmas with my mother so many years ago. I am thankful for a tender mother that taught me so much in that moment without speaking a word. So, this Christmas, I’ll hold my children a little tighter and pray that our Lord will do the same to us all this holiday season.


Nonna said...

What a beautiful post! That is one of my favorite christmas songs. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story with us!

Grannalisa said...

What a precious memory and such a thought provoking post. I often think about how much the Lord loves me even more than I love my own children- and that is almost too much for my small mind to comprehend!! Merry Christmas!!

Kimi said...

I love that story! I'm so glad you shared it on your blog. It makes you stop and think about what it is all about. He loved us so much that he sent His child knowing all that He was going to have to allow Him to go though...and he did that for us.