Monday, December 10, 2007


My sweet Uncle Bobby passed away very suddenly this October. He had a heart attack while driving to the grocery store. He was 74 so it may not seem like too much of a shocker, but he was very active and pretty healthy. He was running a foot race with my 15 year old Nephew just a couple of years ago! It certainly goes to show that you never know when it will be the last time you see someone.

His passing made me think about all the years with him. Christmases were the most memorable. We spent many of them cutting down cedar trees on his property and shooting mistletoe out of the treetops. He always thought of others first and encouraged EVERYONE. I NEVER heard him speak unkindly of anyone or to anyone. He just had such a spirit of humility and service. I honestly can't say I've ever known a kinder, gentler, more wonderful man.

He and my Daddy were only a year apart and were VERY close. They spoke to each other every day. This is an old picture I found of them from one of our Christmas visits. My dad is really missing him so keep him in your prayers.


Nonna said...

Sweet memories! I will keep your dad in my prayers. I can't imagine losing one of my brothers.

Grannalisa said...

He sounds like a really special uncle. I can only imagine how your dad is feeling. Two of my daddy's brothers were still alive when my dad passed away. I will never forget when those two brothers saw each other for the first time after my dad died. They hugged each other and just cried. I will never forget seeing how those grown men grieved for their brother. And I am so proud and blessed to be in such a loving Christian family. My prayers are with your dad this holiday season.