Saturday, January 12, 2008

Brotherly Love

Mason and Andrew love each other dearly but just like any siblings, they have their moments. A couple of nights ago Andrew was upset because Mason would not let him play with one of his collectible cars. He said, "I'm gonna kick you out, Bubba". Mason thought it was time to teach Andrew a lesson about saying hurtful things that you don't really mean. He decided to play up the drama and pretend he was leaving and asked me to go along with it and I agreed to do so. Mason said, "Mom, I guess I better go since Andrew is kicking me out". I played my role and said, "Where will you sleep tonight?" He told me he would just sleep outside since he did not have a house. Andrew came running with his work gloves and handed them to Mason and said, "Here Bubba, you can use my gloves while you build a new house". I had to hold back the laughter at such a bold statement but continued to play along and tell Mason how much I wished he did not have to go. I gave him a hug and said "I love you and will sure miss you". Mason walked out the front door and I watched Andrew standing in the hallway with a faraway look in his eyes for what felt like a long time. Finally he looked across the room at me and broke down sobbing with big crocodile tears saying, "I want my Bubba back, I miss Bubba". Mason heard his sobs and came running back inside to comfort his baby brother. I thought Mason was going to cry for a minute when he saw how upset Andrew had become.

I hated to see Andrew upset but I think he did learn something about saying things you regret. I know I have had my share of times I wished I could take back something hurtful I have said to someone. Words are indeed like toothpaste, you just can't put it back in the tube, and if they aren't carefully chosen it only leaves the sink messy. It was nice to see how brotherly love could wash away the hurtful words and forgiveness left everything shiny again. Later that night I peaked in their room and saw that Mason had gone to sleep in the bottom bunk with Andrew. I'm sure that will come to an end sometime soon as they get older, but I'll sure enjoy the sight of them snuggled up under the blanket together as long as they will let me.

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Grannalisa said...

Oh precious! I don't see how you kept a straight face!! That is too funny. I remember getting so mad at my brothers but I sure wouldn't trade them for anything now.