Monday, January 28, 2008


Mason and I went on a quick shopping trip this evening to get him some new athletic pants and a pair of jeans. He is growing so tall I can't keep pants long enough for him through one season. He picked out some new jeans that are a bit trendy and a cute little skater looking sleeveless hoodie along with his sweat pants. He is developing his own little style if I will just step back a little and let him. It was bittersweet to help him try on his stuff and realize he did not need as much help anymore.
It was just the two of us which is nice sometimes. We had a chance to talk and giggle about nothing. On the way home I asked Mason about a friend of his that placed in UIL for storytelling. I asked Mason why he did not do that this year and he said, "Mom, I get embarrassed in front of a lot of people I don't know. I have issues with that".

That just tickled me. HE HAS ISSUES WITH THAT? I did not know that he knew such a phrase. When I was a kid I would have just said, "I'm scared to do that" but not in the new millennium. I guess I will have to try to help Mason overcome is embarrassment issues. I guess I am old fashioned. I would just assume that was good old shyness. What ever we call it, I know he will overcome that and shine bright as he gets older.


Grannalisa said...

I love it!! He has issues!! That is something Austin would say. That is great. Mason is such a handsome little boy. Don't you just love it when they come up with the unexpected.

Ken & Kristi said...

How cute!! I love all the things they say!

Kimberli said...

Oh my goodness.....where in the world....and about growing out of his clothes....put a brick on that boys head!!!

Love ya,

Nonna said...

That is too cute!!!