Monday, February 25, 2008


Mason and I had our second annual Rotary Bingo Night. We had such a fun time helping our community Rotary raise money to fund several scholarships for our high school students this year. We had a great catfish dinner and an exciting night of BINGO. Last year was our first year. It brought back a lot of memories of my Catholic school upbringing since bingo was the biggest way our school would raise money for athletics and other extra curricular activities.
We had so much fun with Tonya and Cameron that we have made it a new tradition. Who wouldn't have a ball with those two fun faces? Tonya and I have grown to be good friends since our boys have such a good time together. Cameron and Mason have been friends since preschool and this is the first year they have not been in the same class. The boys still play together quite often and I enjoy being able to relax knowing Mason is in good hands when he is with Tonya and Wayne. Mark and I enjoy having Cameron when he comes to play. He is such a fun little guy. Mason and Cameron were so serious about "getting a BINGO" that I thought tears would ensue at one moment. Luckily, they both had a chance to yell, BINGO and all was well with the world. The prizes were donations from various individuals and businesses that were just given out in a predetermined order. Mason was so proud of his prize until he realized it was a basket of beauty control bath gel and lotion or what he calls, "girl skin lotion". He only showed disappointment for a moment and then proudly said, "You can have my prize, Mom". What a little sweetheart! He really got a good laugh when a bald man won a free haircut.

I love the fact that "BINGO NIGHT" was a big deal in our little town. Such a simple activity that was for a good cause was a fun night for my little boy...and for me. What was that? Did I just hint at contentment? I think I love my simple life a little more each day.


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy that looked sooo know me and Bingo!! And it even looked like the old cards from Catholic!!

I love reading about your adventures!

Nonna said...

I hate I missed Bingo this year. Its always a lot of fun. I play Bunco with Tonya. See if you can talk her into making a blog!