Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Mason and Andrew have been extremely funny this week. I can't even remember all the reasons they made me laugh. I am so easily amused by these kids and I love it. I used to say they were cheap entertainment but that is not so true anymore. They get more expensive as they get older. Let's just say I get a lot of bang for my buck! Here are two funnies that stand out this week.

Any time Andrew sneezes he tells me he is allergic to something. He was helping me fold clothes and match socks and sneezed. He said, "I think I'm allergic to socks" and walked away. Later that day he sneezed while eating and said he was allergic to pizza. I think that worried him...he loves pizza. Socks on the other hand, he would be OK giving up and letting me sort them.

Mason is just too big for himself. He knows so much about so many things that it really makes me laugh when he mixes things up now. We were at the restaurant of daddy's choosing, Taco Bell, eating dinner. As I have said before, I am no stranger to fast food and have the cholesterol levels to prove it, but Taco Bell is even low for my standards. The meat smells like canned dog food...YUCK. I was somehow telling the boys that I could not take eating that stuff and did not know if I could hang with daddy eating like this. Mason then asked me if I was "forfeiting daddy". I said, "What do you mean?" and he said, "you know, when you break up, you forfeit". I CRACKED up laughing and Mark looked at me with a confused look on his face. Mason was frustrated because he knew he had the word wrong. He finally cracked a smile and asked me what the word was. I said, "do you mean divorce?" He said yes. For all of you that are wondering if I am calling it quits with Mark because of his eating habits, the answer is no. And more importantly, Mason was not serious when he said that, he was being funny. I'm glad he is not familiar enough with divorce to know how to use the word. I guess that really was a good use of the word forfeit...divorce is a form of giving up. I may forfeit the Taco Bell though!

For more funny stuff, go check out Mary's blog. She and her friends always post some cute stuff. ENJOY!


Grannalisa said...

I'm with you on Taco Bell. YUCK!! Your boys are too funny!!

JanMary said...

We don't have Taco Bell here - obviously I am not missing much.

Love those stories, and yes, there are some words you are glad your kids don't know too much about.

Jodee Leader said...

Hilarious stories! Unfortunately, I am with your hubby -- I love Taco Bell!

Nonna said...

I with you on the Taco Bell thing!! I love Mason's choice of words!!