Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My previous post was "all about Andrew", now I would like to share "Mason's Moments". As he gets older, the "Masonisms" have changed. His cute little nuances have matured. He is very methodical in his thoughts and decisions. He is also a very thoughtful and giving friend and brother. I want to share a couple of the latest stories that really describe Mason...We love and enjoy him so much.

The boys were playing "driver" with the two umbrella strollers we have last Friday night. Mason laid down in the floor of the den and instructed Andrew to run over him with his stroller. Andrew did just what he said and kept going. He did not look back to check on the injured man (Mason) in the road...he headed for the kitchen to the "Friday night" candy bowl. Mason waited a bit for Andrew to no avail. He looked in the kitchen and saw Andrew and said, "There is a dying man in the road and your eating a Starburst!"...SO DRAMATIC :-P

While we were shopping for kid's shampoo, Mason told me he wanted to pick his shampoo. I picked up several shampoos designed for kids to show him. Mason picked up "Suave for Men" and said, "I think I want this one". I couldn't say no. No more clean baby smell when he snuggles me before bedtime...he wants to smell like a MAN. :-(

A few weeks ago I took the boys to see Wall-E. Mason's friend Cameron joined us along with his mom and sister. After the movie, Mason went to spend the night with Cameron. Andrew began to cry when Mason got into Cameron's car. Mason got out of the car and came over to console his brother. He hugged and kissed his little brother and told him he loved him. Andrew cried most of the way home from the movies and kept saying, "I want my Bubba". Once we were home Andrew was wrestling with Daddy and feeling better. The phone rang...it was Mason calling from his sleepover to check on his baby brother. He wanted to talk to him before he could focus on having fun with his buddy. His compassionate little heart just humbles me sometimes!

Check out all the little characters in the Tiny Tot Tuesday funnies. I just love reading what other parents are laughing about in their homes. I hope you laugh as much as I do.


Nonna said...

Both your boys are sweethearts!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Suave for men...LOL! NOt so soon little guy...*wink

Loved the "you're eating a starburst.." Your boys are so adorable.

Mary@notbefore7 said...
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Grannalisa said...

That Mason is a doll!! Such a special big brother to care so much for little brother's feelings- and I think that comes from good parenting!!

Both of your boys are just precious!!