Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tiny Tot Tuesday

I have learned as a mother to pick my battles. Some things are just not worth the drama. Clothing is one of those battles I do not fight with Andrew. He has very strong feelings about his clothes. He is casual all the way. I only stand firm on Sunday morning for church. In Andrew's mind, any shirt with buttons is meant for church. So when I requested he wear his "dress" clothes on his field trip, here is how the conversation went...

MOM: "Can you do me a favor and wear a special shirt for me? I want to take my camera and take some special pictures of you at the pumpkin patch with your new preschool friends."

ANDREW: "Does it have to be a church shirt? I don't wanna wear a church shirt."

MOM: "How about one with only two buttons?"

ANDREW: "How about one with no stains?"

Once again, Andrew pulls me back to the world of realistic expectations in a life with a 5 year old boy. :-) He had a point...He won the negotiation. It was too funny for me to press any further. Here is the shirt he picked.

No stains & cute as a button!

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Patti said...


Erin said...

"No Stains" What a response. We too are working on clothes choices. I'm shooting for clothes that just match.

Amy said...

He is sooo funny!! And I love their Halloweeen costumes.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Cute as a button is right! And I agree, sometimes you have to pick your battles! :)