Friday, January 2, 2009


I love my time in the car with the boys. Now that they are both in school, we don't get as much of that time as we used to when they made the 30 minute commute with me to Ronda's house. Well, this week the boys have gone to Ronda's since they are out of school. Today it was just Andrew and me since Mason stayed to work on the house (notice I did not say yucky house...that will be another post soon!) with Mark. Andrew asked me to tell him about my sisters. There are a lot of them so he likes me to recount them and he smiles as he thinks of each one. I went through all 9 of my siblings and Andrew said, "Mom, is that a lot?" I told him it sure was and it is a lot more than most people have. He then said, "You're a lucky girl!" I smiled and said, "You're right, I am blessed to have so many brothers and sisters." He then said "I'm happy for what I have." referring to his own brother and remembering our constant reminding to them that they need to be grateful for what they have instead of always asking for more. This was one instance where I was happy he was grateful but touched that he wanted more. I just spent the holidays telling my sisters and in-laws that I felt like we were at a point where I was content with the size of our family and the fact that we had no more diaper bags & all the other paraphernalia to carry around. Now this momma is feeling the tug on her heart because another little heart is wanting more to love in his family...who knows, maybe he will be happy with another dog!


Julie Simmons said...

Go for it!!!! You can't imagine how much fun the third one is! Tell Mark I said to put a nursery in that yucky house! :-)

Grannalisa said...

Oh yeah!! Go for the 3rd - it's great!! Another puppy sounds fun too!! Happy New Year!!