Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Spring break around here usually means a trip somewhere to visit family, well not this year. We are staying home and visiting with each other. Believe it or not, I think the boys are actually enjoying this more than a trip. Our schedules are so busy that they rarely get to completely veg out. Even Saturday mornings are usually filled with baseball, football, basketball, etc. This week has been slow and relaxed with a few simple treats.

On Monday we went to the park and played with Max & Vivi Jo. They were so cute together playing in the music park. I think that was every one's favorite. Andrew and Vivi held hands as they walked over together. It was so sweet. Mason, as usual, was doting on Max and they were both loving it! Mason just loves little Max and Max loves to be loved by Mason...the feeling is mutual. I love watching those two together! It was a fun, simple afternoon.

Yesterday we had a picnic lunch at the lake with our fabulous neighbor Mrs. Gladys. Mrs. Gladys isn't just any neighbor, she is 99 years old and is going strong. She is so vibrant and joyful. It is a treat to be around her. It was only about 3 years ago that she stopped tending my vegetable garden for me! She still lets me know what needs to be done now that she has a harder time doing it. ;-) We picked her up and she had her picnic treats packed and ready to go. We sat out by the lake with a blanket and a few lawn chairs and enjoyed the beautiful view. It started to sprinkle so we picked up and went to a small plant stand in a neighboring town. Mrs. Gladys picked out a few plants for her beautiful yard and helped the boys pick some that they can tend for our yard. It was a wonderful time. It is just precious how much my boys love Mrs. Gladys. She gives them unconditional love and praise and they are just drawn to her. Our family is so blessed by her! She is a prayer warrior and has such a heart for children's ministry. It has been great to have an example of a life lived as a woman of God displayed before me so closely.

Today we will head out to do our grocery shopping and to do a little "good will hunting". We will meet up with my friend Tonya and her family to go bowling on this rainy, cold day. Tonya's son Cameron and Mason have been big buddies since Preschool so they will have a good time together. Andrew is smitten with Cameron's big sister Ashlyn so he will have fun pestering her and her friend today. ;-)

So there you have it...our exciting spring break schedule. The true beauty of it all is THERE IS NO SCHEDULE! We should all be nice and relaxed by the time Mason has a sleepover Friday night with 3 other boys. That should be another post all it's own!


Jodee Leader said...

I completely agree -- some of the best vacations are spent right at home and without a schedule! Good for you guys! It sounds like you are having a blast too!

Our spring break is in another week. We are spending half of it at home and the other half at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. I can't wait!

Patti said...

sounds like a perfect spring break! Enjoy the rest of it!