Thursday, June 18, 2009

And many more!

My birthday has me contemplating what I actually like about getting older. When I think back to when I was younger, I struggled more with confidence, as most people do. I worried what people would think, if I sounded stupid, if I looked good enough, all the cliche things young women struggle with. Age brings the wisdom and experience to be more confident with who you are. Not that I don't have days that I still struggle but here are some things that I no longer struggle with...on a regular basis.
  • Hair grows back so take a chance on a new cut.
  • If I don't have make up on when a neighbor drops by or I have to run to the store quickly, I'm OK with it now. A few years ago I HATED IT!
  • I like to have cute clothes but I will not break my bank account to have the latest and greatest.
  • It's easier to laugh at most situations now. Even when I was running with Sadie this week and she pulled at her leash just enough to have me loose it and tumble across the track, I was laughing before I stopped falling. I had to look ridiculous! When people keep asking me how I got the road rash, I just laugh again while I tell the story.
  • It is easier for me to admit when I am wrong. I have learned that most failures point you to success. The most successful people I know had many failures they learned from to make it to their success.
  • I don't obsess about my weight anymore. If my clothes start to fit tight or I start to feel sluggish, I just know I need to eat better and exercise more. It is about being healthy for me now, not thin. This girl is just gonna have a booty and as I tell my boys to say...that's just the way God made me!
  • Our past, good or bad, molds us into who we are today but it does not define where we will go in the future.

So here's to getting older ladies. It only gets better from here...with just a few more wrinkles ;-)


Kimi said...

You are oh so right, it does only get better!

I guess you are saying I will always be more wise than you hehehe...:-D.

Happy Birthday my sweet friend. Love you.

Tammy Lyle said...

Happy late birthday. Another thing that goes along with getting older is forgetting birthdays!! (I am trying to get better at this though.) Can't wait until this weekend. I think we all need a break!!! See you soon. Tammy ;)