Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, we have been hard at work at what was formerly known as the yucky house. We have been lovingly referring to it as "the barn" thanks to our sweet neighbor, Paul. The exposed studs have been visible for so long now that Paul says he will always call our house "the barn". By the end of this week we should have the sheet rock up and finished!! NO MORE BARN. It will actually have completed walls and look like a home. We will have to come up with a new name for this place once it looks like a home. Mark has been WORKING SO HARD to get things done and ready so the sheet rock guys can start this week. I seriously do not know how he is doing it! He goes to work every day at 7:30 and goes strait to "the barn" to work until 2 or 3 am! This has been going on for several weeks now. Please pray for him as he moves through the home stretch of this home renovation. I'll leave you with some photos of our cutest construction workers ;-)

These little guys have been such troopers as this labor of love has stretched on for so long. Mason has worked with his dad most evenings this summer and Andrew has been there some too when mom goes to work on the weekends. I hope they look back on this as a good experience when they are older. It has been hard, but not many kids can say they helped their dad build their house with their own two little hands.

I have to say this is my favorite decorative feature in the home. We tucked these little hand prints away in a storage area under the stairs.


Jodee Leader said...

I am so glad you are getting closer to the end! It will be sooo worth the long wait!

I love, love, love the handprints!

Jaci said...

I know you are glad that you are starting to see the completed project.

I love the handprints. What great memories!