Sunday, October 25, 2009


My favorite little five year old boy becomes my favorite little six year old boy today. When I think back to the day he was born I have to remember that he came into this world with excitement and energy. By the time we made it to the hospital and I put on a gown, I had to time for drugs. This should have given me a hint into the personality of this precious little boy we were bringing home. He is so full of excitement and energy. He does things in his own way and in his own time. Even though that can mean long days sometimes ;-), I do see how the Lord gave him this strong will and determination for a reason. I know when he is on the road the Lord has prepared for him he will persevere no matter what the world would try to persuade him to do. Now that Andrew is six he can do so many things all on his own. He can build fabulous things out of Legos. He amazes me with what imagination he has and his ability to execute the designs in his mind.
Andrew is my little foodie! He will try anything I cook and likes most everything (except for the artichokes I made last week...not a hit). He loves to help me cook. He helped me make a big pot of taco soup in anticipation of Aunt Tammy and Uncle Dennis' visit with the cousins too.

He keeps us in stitches with the things he says and does. Sometimes we have to keep the giggles inside while we remind him of appropriateness. Yesterday he ran over to me in the middle of his flag football game and said, "I think I have a brain injury". The look on his face gave away that he was fine and just looking to make all of the mommies laugh.

Happy Birthday to my favorite six year old boy in the whole world. You are my little Mister Roo. I thank God for you every day and love watching your little personality grow and unfold before me. I can't wait to see the wonderful things the Lord will do in your life and what an impact you will make for Him. I look forward to many more years of laughter, love and snuggles!


Patti said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Grannalisa said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!! What a cutie he is!

Amy said...

Happy belated birthday, Andrew. Last week at AWANAs, he was under a table with some other boys and I asked them to line up against the wall for council time. He looked up at me and said, "How do you know my name?" It was too cute. I love getting to know your boys' names and their little personalities through your blog. It makes me look so smart in front of them. Ha.