Saturday, November 28, 2009

A little eye candy.

This is my favorite development from all of our weekend toils. We did something a little different in the dining room. Instead of a chandelier we went with these amber colored lanterns grouped together. We may need to tweak their arrangement after we move in to achieve this look when you view the dining room from the front door. Mark is a little frustrated when I say that since he hung each light twice already trying to please his little woman. I tried to take more pics but my camera died. I'll take more next week once the kitchen counter tops are in. Things are really coming together. Here is one more picture I was able to get today.
This gives you an idea of how all the woodwork looks now that it is done. Mark has a few trim out pieces to finish around the window seats. I just love how warm it all looks! We will have some beautiful marble tile surrounding this fireplace in a couple of weeks. If you really want a shocker, go back and look at this post with the slide show of before pics of the house. You will truly see we have a SICKNESS for old houses. Mark and I both agree that this restoration and addition has cured us! We won't be doing this again...for a few years ;-)


Jodee Leader said...

Those lanterns are soooo cool! I can't wait to see your countertops!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE it Amy! I can't wait to see it complete!!

Grannalisa said...

It is looking great!! I love the lanterns!! What neat lighting!!!

Patti said...

Its looking so good! I wanna come see it once its all finished!