Sunday, December 20, 2009

Since we have made several trips to Dallas this Christmas season, the boys and I have done our share of shopping. We have really enjoyed our time together picking out gifts for each other and our extended family. One night at Kohl's, I let the boys get their own buggy and shop for gifts for Dad and I. I told them to stay close but I wouldn't peek. I looked up and couldn't find them so I started to get a little nervous. I walked around calling Mason's name and saw them both come around the corner pushing their cart, smiling and laughing with each other as they shopped. I hope I never forget that sight. They were so happy to be picking out presents for us. When they saw me, Mason pushed the buggy (southern for shopping cart) behind a clothing rack and Andrew ran to me jumping up and down telling me they found my present and I can't peek. I haven't seen them this excited about anything in a long time. I was so glad to see the joy of giving so strong in their hearts. I have to add that they have saved their own money to buy gifts so the fact that they are cheerfully giving from what they have just makes my heart want to burst! I can't wait to see what they are so excited to give me...from boys, this could be interesting!

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