Monday, October 25, 2010


 years ago my little guy came into this world FAST AND FURIOUS!    I woke up that Saturday morning at around 7:30 with consistent contractions.  I woke Mark up, who had been up until 5:00am working on the office we added on to our previous home, and told him we needed to head to the hospital.  I called my buddy Kim so she could come get Mason and hopped in the shower.  Who wants to go have a baby without shaving their legs first?  I put on makeup and got dressed.  Kim & Paul made it to our house around 8:30.  We visited for a bit and the contractions became more intense.  I couldn't really talk through them.  I had to stop and wait for it to end.  It wasn't unbearable, just more than the crampy feeling it had been.  At about 9:00am Mark and I headed to the neighboring town about 25 miles away to the Hospital.  When we arrived, the nurse told me they did not have an open L&D room, they were cleaning one that someone was just discharged from and it would take about 15 minutes.  She said if I was real uncomfortable she could put me in a triage room and move me once it was ready.  I assured her I could wait 15 minutes and Mark and I sat and waited.  As we waited I told Mark that the contractions were really starting to hurt.  My back was really hurting.  At about 9:45am, the nurse came in and said the room was ready.  She asked me to put on a gown and she would be back to check my dilation to decide if they would admit me.  I put on the gown and she came in to check me.  I thought her eyes were gonna pop out of her head.  She said, "YOUR 10 CENTIMETERS...I'VE GOTTA CALL THE DOCTOR IN NOW"  After that my water broke and the contractions went into OVERDRIVE.  I was ready to push but they would not let me push until the doctor got there.  I had to go through 2 contractions without pushing and that was the most painful thing I have ever experienced.  Once the doctor got there (he was at his kid's soccer game), I pushed twice and there he was.  It was 10:18am. 

We should have known he was gonna be full of energy from the way he entered this world.  Just like his birth, he can't wait to do exciting things and enters a room like a ball of fire!  I love that kid so much.  He keeps things exciting around here.  So as tradition holds, I'm gonna list 7 special things about Andrew

1.  He has a great witty way about him.  His timing is great, he keeps us in stitches!
2.  Andrew is so smart.  He was reading at a 1st grade level in preschool.  I hope he keeps up his love of reading.
3.  Legos are his favorite things in the world.  Star Wars Legos are his preference.  He can build so many things using his imagination.  It amazes me.
4.  He has a caring heart.  He shows his tough guy exterior but he has a sensitive little heart.  He picks up on little things that are said and comments to me if he thinks it could hurt some one's feelings.  I love that soft side of him.
5.  Cuddling is what he does best.  He creeps into my room or Mason's room at night to snuggle someone.  He reminds me of myself when I was a little girl.  Being the youngest, I always found someone to snuggle when I got spooked at night. 
6.  He rides his scooter and bike like a champ!  He just came home from his friend's house one day this summer and said, "I don't need my training wheels anymore."  He had gotten on his friend's bike and learned to ride solo.
7.  He loves God and loves to learn more about him at Sparks.  He asks some really deep questions for a little guy.  I know God is going to use him to do amazing things.  I love getting to see God unfold who Andrew is in front of me every day!

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Grannalisa said...

Wow!! 7 years old! What a sweet little guy!