Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Laughing at Little Boy Lingo

It has been so long since I have documented the cute funnies of my boys.  These are things you SWEAR you will never forget but life gets busy and sweet memories can be fleeting.  I'm going to commit to a post remembering sweet silly things they say at least every month.

Andrew is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his baby brother or sister!  He loves to talk to the baby through the well known sound system directly to the womb...my belly button.  He routinely says "hi baby, goodnight baby, are you a girl baby or a boy baby?"  On March 30th we will have a sonogram to finally answer his question.

Mason asked me recently if he could be in the delivery room when the baby is born.  I told him he could be there until just before and immediately after the baby is born but probably not durring, I explained it is a bit private and a little bloody and messy (something he admittedly would rather avoid).  This lead to questions about the birth process.  He was so cute and inquisitive and ended the conversation saying, "So this is more for when I am a husband?"  I agreed.  He is such a smart boy!

Andrew had a kids meal one night when we were eating Dairy Queen for dinner.  He left his toy surprise for me...
He said he knew green was my favorite color so he thought I would like to snuggle this green Teddy bear.
I fell asleep early that night and Andrew came downstairs to kiss me goodnight.  He tucked the little green bear under my arm then kissed me on the cheek.  Of course I woke up when he did this and I hugged and squeezed his sweet little face!

I love these boys so much and can't wait for another sweet little face to kiss in August :-)

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