Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Premier of MAX

This has been such a fun night! My great friend and neighbor Kim called me because she thought she may have gotten some VERY RECENT pictures taken at the orphanage in China where their little Max lives. Another family adopting a boy from the same orphanage made their trip to china to get their son and took pictures to post on the adoption forum they share with other families. I went down to her house and we "analyzed" every angle and feature of every picture and compared it to the initial picture they were given from when he was 7 months old. He is 20 months old now so we had some detective work to do! After much looking we felt very confident that the adorable boy in the pictures was Max. But, just like a little miracle, this mom e-mailed one more picture that was the clincher! It was Max indeed. The cutest thing was what this mom said about his personality. She said he was real friendly and the entertainer of the bunch. Boy will he fit in with Kim, Paul and the rest of the kids! We are ready for Max to join the fun with our neighborhood and family. One more boy...we can't wait! Check out Kim's blog to see all the great pictures she now has of "Maximus" and read about their journey to bring him home.

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