Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Andrew is growing up so fast! I know every mother says, "where does the time go?", but I really mean it. He wants to be big so badly. I want him to stay my baby boy. I guess we will both just meet in the middle. He wanted a lawn mower to be just like daddy. I love to see how much my boys want to be like their daddy. I couldn't choose anyone better for them to "be like"...OK, I admit, I am biased. HEHE. When Andrew came in from "mowing" I picked him up to kiss him and he said, "Don't kiss on me mom, I'm all dirty from mowing". Just like a big boy. Now as bad as he wants to be "big" he still likes to climb up in the top bunk and snuggle his brother in the middle of the night. This time Mark caught the moment and took a picture of them sleeping in the same twin bed.
Copy and paste this web address to play Andrew's song "Little Mister Roo" It fits his personality perfectly and he thinks it was made for him since I have called him Roo Roo forever.

I love these little stinkers!

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Patti said...

How precious! My sister in law nicknamed Aaron Roo Roo, she is the only one that still calls him that!