Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa in Kansas. We always enjoy them so much. I'll post more pictures about our visit later. Now I am in Christmas mode, trimming the Christmas trees, sitting by the fireplace, lighting candles that smell wonderful, sipping hot spiced tea...I love this time of year. I've got to make my list and check it twice. This will be a busy time for me at work with some new acquisitions to work with but I am looking forward to enjoying fun evenings with my boys. I am going to decide which crafts and homemade gifts the boys and I can do together this year. Family Fun has some WONDERFUL ideas if you want to take a peak. I have found over the years that the boys remember the time we spend together much more than the gifts. Maybe you can get some good ideas too. I'd love for you to leave comments sharing the fun things you have done with your kids or remember doing as a kid yourself to celebrate this joyful time of year. I hate to admit I am not all that original, I can just spot a good idea! Thanks for sharing yours.

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Ken & Kristi said...

Well, so far (lol!) we always have to listen to Elvis' Xmas or it's just not Xmas at my house! But we listen to that while we do the tree. And now our new tradition will be taking Xmas pics b/c the girls just LOVED doing the self-timer and running to their spots! I kept saying how they could get ready and I'd hit the button and come get in the pic, but nope, it was funner to stand by mommy and wait for her to yell "ok, runnnnnnnnnn" and all laugh and run to our spots. So I plan to do that every year for our pics. But really nothing else tradition-wise so we need to start some too. I guess we can bake cookies at some point and the girls just like to dump sprinkles all over them. And we went to the b'fast w/ Santa at the civic center down the street for their pics and will probably do that every year until they stop believing in Santa. :( I need ideas too!