Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving before we head off to Kansas. We will be watching the parade in the morning and waiting for Santa to make his big entrance. I couldn't resist the picture of Super Grover...I think he is bringing back old memories of watching Sesame Street with my big sisters after school. Of course, my big sister, Debbie always wanted to watch I Love Lucy so we had to negotiate. She was always sweet and let her spoiled little baby sis have her way most of the time. Gee, I wonder why I want my way all the time now!HEHE.

I have so many things to be thankful for, like my sweet sisters, that my list could go on forever. I'll share just a few:

I am thankful for,
- the smell of hot coffee when I get home from my morning walk.
- the fact that my kids need me...when they wake up scared at night, they come to me and it makes me feel wonderful.
- my husband that gets me a box of crunch and munch and does not ask me to share...does he know me or what!
- friends that are close enough to know they can drop by at anytime and linger over a glass of tea and visit about nothing.
- my job that lets me enjoy the challenges of work and the pleasures of motherhood...the best of both worlds.
- an extended family that loves me and my little family. We share so many special little memories that mean so much to me and make me who I am today.
- a comfortable home, plenty to eat, clothes to wear. We have more material things than 75% of the world's population with just these three things. I'm not even mentioning the cars, cell phones, televisions...all the things that we take for granted that are really such luxuries.
- MY GOD. I saved the best for last. All good things come from HIM and I have so many good things in my life. I am so thankful for his love and provision. My prayer is that he basks in the glory that all our offerings of thanksgiving bring to him. Just like my boys run to me and know I will comfort them, I know I can run to the Lord and find comfort. I am THANKFUL that he reveals a little piece of Himself by sharing that joy through parenthood. Knowing how I feel when the boys trust me enough to come to me and know I will console, protect, and embrace them; how great it must be for our Lord. How great to be His child.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all from our family to yours. We love you and pray that you feel blessed.

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