Monday, November 12, 2007

Jelly Bean Juice

Andrew comes up with the craziest creative things in his little mind. I love that about him. The latest is "Jelly Bean Juice". He has some Jelly Belly orange jelly beans from Halloween and has decided that if he puts a few in a cup of water and lets the water sit for exactly 3 days, it turns into Jelly Bean Juice. So, notice the multiple cups in the refridgerator. Mark opened the refrigerator door the other day and was a little irritated because there was no room for what he had because of all the cups. He said, "What is all this in the fridge!" I said,"I am letting Andrew be little...he is making Jelly Bean Juice and apparently it takes 3 days to season to perfection". Mark smiled and left all of the cups just where they were. So what if there is no room for the leftover spagetti, preserving the wonder of a 4 year old imagination is much more important.


Ken & Kristi said...

Love when they do cute kid stuff like that! It's just sooo amazing how their little minds work!

Nonna said...

Jelly bean juice.... that sounds yummy!! Andrew may have something there!