Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, I was attempting to change up my blog (thanks to my coveting of Kimi's super cute blog template) and lost my side bar element with all the "Little Boy Lingo". So now I learned by experience and failure (how I learn most hard headed!) that when you change your blog template to something outside of blogger and do not really know what you are doing, you can loose some of your side elements.So I changed back to what I know and decided to keep my little boy lingo in the posts so I am forcing you all to read this stuff again and will periodically post more cute sayings since I am such a gooshy mom. HEHE.
Please tell me if I forgot something especially funny so I can add them later. I don't want to forget these cute little sayings. Enjoy the rerun!

-Andrew informed me he wanted to have a Star Wars birthday party so he and his friends could shoot each other with "laser beans"

-Mason used to call the hardware store the "hardwork store"

-We were swimming last summer and Andrew asked me to go get his "gobbles"

-Mason and Mark love to eat as Schlotzkey's Deli. When Mason was little he could not pronounce the name of this place very well, it always came out "Fart cheese". So guess what our family calls Scholtzkey's now?

-On Halloween I though Andrew might like to watch the Wizard of Oz so I told him to lay down for his nap and asked, "Do you want to watch Dorothy?' he said, "Who's Dorky?"


Kimi said...

Sorry you lost your side bar. I did too but it is a great idea to have a label for Little Boy Lingo...I'll have to remember that. I didn't have anything on my side bar that is hard to add back on but I am going to wait until V-Day is over. Come on Amy live life on the edge, go for it....make the change.

Hugs to my dear friend,

Grannalisa said...

I know what you mean. I can never find the cute things to add to mine that Patti, Kim and Britni seem to find!! And I am so afraid of making a mistake and losing everything!! Oh well...