Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well, we had a GREAT time on our spring break vacation. The fun started with our day of fun at home with Kenny and Kristi's girls. It was so fun to have girlie girls around. They did find the power wheels 4 wheeler in the back yard and I had some fun taking pictures of the girls having fun getting down and dirty on the 4 wheeler.

N takes J for a ride!

J goes it alone and is LOVING IT!

A girl still has to look glam...even on the 4 wheeler we must wear our pearls...

and carry a beautiful purse!
More to come later so...stay tuned!


Nonna said...

Boys will be boys, but girls will be girls too!!! Looks like the kids all had a lot of fun together!!

Kimi said...

Oh my...that just makes me even more anxious to get my girl than ever...I loved the purse....I love the big chunky necklace...I love the sandles.

The are ADORABLE!!!!!

I know you all had a wonderful time.


Grannalisa said...

Sounds like you all had a great spring break! I love that purse and necklace! I hope Rainey is a girly girl!!

Ken & Kristi said...

Thanks these girls are great and yeah, Nita rarely goes anywhere without her purse! LOL!

We had a blast and hope to do other trips at the same time again!