Thursday, March 27, 2008

We sure miss our sweet Carolyn! She has taken a job transfer to Mississippi so we don't get to have our regular movie and dinner nights with her anymore. But don't think for one minute that she lets that get in the way of spoiling our little monsters, and Mark and me, with fun treats. She found Mark a great Pittsburgh Steelers collage and me some YUMMY coffee (I know...I may have an addiction to coffee!) As part of her new job, she is training in Florida and found her way to a Disney store and sent the boys a box full of goodies. she sent them wooden models to put together to paint, t-shirts, other toys, candy including what else...GIANT jaw breakers. So here they are enjoying the showering of fun stuff.

I love how Andrew is eating his giant jaw breaker while he watches Mason carefully puts together the covered wagon. Thank you Carolyn for always thinking of us! We sure miss having you around but are sooooo thrilled that you are having a great time with your baby girl.

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