Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well, Ike is now hanging over our neck of the woods and making himself known. The coastal areas were devastated and areas south of us have lost power and many trees down from the sustained winds. The eye of the storm should cross over us about 8:00pm so we are getting ready. We set up a tent in the den to have "camp out" with the boys and watch movies. We are preparing to lose power sometime this evening. The boys see this as a night of fun, just like we want them to, but Mark and I really do not want them sleeping in their rooms on the south side of the house because we have several large trees on that side of the house. Better safe that sorry so we will be enjoying camp out night.

Please pray for those who have suffered loss. I have many coworkers in South Texas that have been devastated. My heart is breaking for them.


Grannalisa said...

Camp out night sounds like fun! Kylie and Steven had to "camp out" last night as they lost power about 10 pm and still do not have power. They have also had some water damage at their apartment but at least they are safe. Her inlaws power came back on this afternoon so they will be there for the night.

Enjoy the camp out with your boys.

Tammy said...

Hey, I went over to Kim's yesterday and she took me on a tour of your house next it is going to be gorgeous...I can't wait to see it when you are finished with is huge...I am so excited for you.

Love and miss you guys,