Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You guys have to go check out my friend Tammy's blog. She is absolutely hilarious and has a heart of gold to boot! Reading her posts make me laugh out loud so I warn you not to embarrass yourself at work! She has worked tirelessly as the founder of Chrysalis House, a ministry for homeless mothers and their children. She and the team of loving people working right along beside her are getting close to the goal and may soon see this building ready to welcome moms and children to get the support they need and the opportunity to know and accept the love of Christ. Check out her ministry blog to get the latest news and find out how you can help this great ministry.

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Tammy said...

No, you can't set it get to pick out anything worth $50 from her entire web-site...she has all kinds of boy stuff...the fonts are different, but you can also give her a saying and she can custom make something, or just have to see her is awesome and so easy...they have all kinds of scripture stuff isn't just for kids...I am adding you in anyway...cause I know that you could find something for you.

Love you and thank you for posting for me.