Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sorry for the LONG DELAY in posting. We have been busy! WE HAVE MOVED INTO THE NEW HOUSE!!! Oh, the happy dance we are doing. It will still be a while before we are settled but it is so nice to be in the new space. I have some pics I will post of a few of the rooms just before we started moving. My little camera is on the fritz so I am returning it for repair and I don't have a wide angle lens on the big camera to give the full effect. I will post pics as I get rooms settled. I feel like I have a big blank canvas in front of me...the decorating will be fun.

Here are a few things I have learned with this move.

1. When moving to a new house and your husband says we have a few small details to finish, make sure one of those details isn't install toilet seats in all but the upstairs bath (thank goodness it has a seat!). For some reason, this is not a big issue for men. Maybe I will get a good butt workout going upstairs to use the bathroom until the others come in.

2. The intercom system in the new house is nice. I don't have to scream up the stairs to the boys when I need one of them. With this nice feature comes tattling IN STEREO! The boys know how to use the intercom so they use it to "inform" me of the other's wrongdoings. But Andrew did use the intercom to tell me he loves me yesterday so that makes it a keeper ;-)

3. You really can throw away at least 20% of everything you own and not miss it...if the rest of your family isn't looking.

4. The new front load washing machine was like introducing television to a primitive tribe. Everyone had to stand in front and watch it at some point to see how it worked. Yes, we are easily entertained...obviously.

5. That old house had good bones and Mark really made it beautiful, but putting the people I love inside makes it our home. Now I really adore it!


Jennifer said...

YAY!! I am so excited for ya'll! I can't wait to see the finished product!! Have fun decorating!!

Grannalisa said...

How exciting!! I can't wait to see pics!!

Kayla said...

I know you are so glad to be in the new house! It has been a long road and you are finally at the end of it :) Enjoy!!!! We will be down there soon and can't wait to see it!