Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look Who Has A Hole in His Smile!

I love how he had to roll down that bottom lip so we could get
a good look at that hole where his tooth used to be!
Andrew has had his first wobbly tooth for a few weeks and it finally gave way. He was so excited to finally lose a tooth. He couldn't wait to leave it for the tooth fairy. Losing teeth is when I feel like they officially become big kids...bittersweet.


Kim said...

Yep Mom....he's a big kid now! Bittersweet is right.

Love you neighbor/friend,

Grannalisa said...

Awww!! How cute!! Bittersweet is right! Chandler is losing his and Rainey has a mouthful!! I wish the time would slow down just a bit!!

Jodee Leader said...

How exciting! Cute picture!

I hope the tooth fairy remembered to take his tooth. I always forget!

Hope you have a great weekend!