Monday, March 1, 2010

Here's the scoop.

OK, here is an update on our crazy life. Not long after we moved into the new house, Mark's grandpa became very ill so we went to Kansas to visit for a few days. He is doing better but we do covet your prayers for his strength and comfort. He is 94 and the Lord may call him home at any time. We love him so and want every moment we can have with him but we also know that he is ready to go Home to Heaven. Even as he recovered from pneumonia in his hospital bed he reached out to tickle little Andrew. Grandpa is always the tickler and teaser. One night he tried to get out of bed and Mark told him, "Grandpa, the doctor does not want you out of bed." He responded, "The doctor isn't here right now is he?" And I wonder where my husband gets his tenacity!

Mason had his regional Destination Imagination competition and his team PLACED FIRST in their event!! They move on to the state level competition and we are so happy for them. These kids worked so hard and I love to see them enjoy the fruit of all their hard work.

I am in St. Louis as I type this and it has been one crazy day getting here! My printer wouldn't print my boarding pass, my GPS was missing, printer wouldn't print map quest directions, left my jacket at home and had to turn around and get it 30 minutes into my commute to the airport...and finally make my flight to St. Louis and meet my group for a dinner meeting. I come back to my hotel room and my key will not work, the hotel master key will not work...finally the maintenance guy fixes my room door lock after I "relax" in another room for 30 minutes. I think I should go to bed Scarlett O'Hara says, "tomorrow is another day."I may have had a look on my face similar to this one most of the day...especially when the poor hotel desk clerk couldn't get my room opened. I promise to smile more tomorrow.

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Grannalisa said...

Poor thing!! I hope you have a better day today!!