Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer is fleeting...

We have had a GREAT summer! We went to Six Flags, church camp, water parks and Colorado. I don't know what more we possibly could have done. We enjoyed every bit of it! Our trip to Colorado was without Daddy this time but we still had a blast even though we missed him. We turned Aunt Laura, Uncle Jake, Josh and Brooke into Geo caching nerds. If you haven't heard about this fun family activity I suggest you check it out.
Here we are waiting for the July 4th fireworks to begin.
Getting ready to take off on our roller coaster!

Self portrait during our flight to Denver. I think Andrew had a mouthful of peanuts!

I hope their summer was special for them. Lots of adventures together and secrets shared.

As sorry as I am to see it's freedom come to an end, I am always ready for the routine of the school year. Even my boys are usually ready by the time we reach mid August. I have posted before here about how much I love school and how I always want my boys to develop that love. I know, I'm a nerd... but hey, a leopard never changes his spots!


Patti said...

It was good seeing you the other evening! Sounds like you all had a wonderful summer! I havent been on vacation yet, but two more weeks!Im going on a girls trip to NYC. Should be lots of fun. Have a great school year with your boys!

Jodee Leader said...

It sounds like you had a fun summer!

I am soooo ready for structure and routine again. This summer really kicked our butts! We were in survival mode!