Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Healthy Eating

OK, I've done it! I am back on my healthy eating lifestyle. I never really stopped, I just indulged more frequently on the not so healthy stuff a little too often. I started the South Beach diet phase one yesterday. The first few days are a little tough because you are cutting out sugars, but you NEVER feel hungry. I highly recommend this lifestyle. It is truly the healthiest "diet" I have ever researched. It really isn't a diet, it is a lifestyle change. The weight loss does happen but I have to say it is not the biggest benefit of the diet. When I am eating this way, my energy level is amazing and the mental clarity is unbelievable. Who doesn't need those things at peak level these days?

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what foods I put in my body and what my family is putting in their bodies as well. Unfortunately, eating good healthy, whole foods cost more than eating processed junk and that discourages a lot of people from doing so. I'm here to say with meal planning, it can be done. Even if you have to start small, it is so worth it! Maybe you start with healthy snacks or one meal a week. Over time you will find you are buying less of the processed snack foods (which are expensive too) because you stop craving them. This leaves you more money in the food budget for more healthy options. This is how I have found it possible to do this for our family. Food is the one thing you buy that actually becomes a part of your body. Wow, that makes me stop and think about the choices I make a little differently. I'm not saying I will never again eat cupcakes and ice cream. I couldn't live in that world ;-). I'm simply saying moderation. I want my boys to learn to take care of their bodies by eating food that nourishes, not just fills their stomachs. Who better to be their example than Mom and Dad?

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