Sunday, October 10, 2010

On your Mark...

Mason convinced Mark to run in our town festival 5K race. Mason has talked me into doing a couple of these with him so it was nice to just take pics this time. I would love to say that Mason gets his love for long distance running from me but that would be a lie. I have tolerated running but never loved it. Here are my two runners taking off on the far left.They both did great! Since Mark did this race with NO TRAINING! I think it was great that he finished in 32 minutes. He did tell Mason he would never do this kind of thing at the last minute with him again. I think you can pull that off when you are eleven...not so much when you are over forty! Here they are getting ready to cross the finish line.It was a beautiful morning and I am so glad they had this time together, even if Mark is paying for it today. ;-) They will both remember that time together for years to come.

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