Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Easter Portrait in the making...

We attempted a quick family shot before our Easter early service at church.  In true H. family form...we couldn't find the tripod so mark was trying to place our camera on top of the historical sign in our front yard to set up an acceptable angle so we could use the timer on the camera.  I laughed and loved the test shots Mark took more than the final product.  It shows who we really are...

 Let Mom fix your hair real quick...I know you are almost 12.

I've almost got it.

 Nice invisible plants in the planters on the steps...I'll get to it before summer is over, I HOPE!

 Nice Shoes.

 You can see baby girl under that big belly!

 We really are happy people!

This is my favorite.  I don't even know what we were giggling about but this is what we spend most of our time together doing.  I hope this is how our boys remember their childhood.

 There's handsome daddy!  We were still giggling about him running and tripping up the stairs trying to make it into the shot before the timer clicked.  He didn't fall, we aren't that heartless.

OK, this will do.  Aren't these guys so handsome!  I love them in their little suits.  I know it is old fashioned but Andrew's little seersucker suit is just so "southern gentleman".  It must be my Tennessee upbringing shining through.

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