Saturday, July 23, 2011


We are counting down to the arrival of sweet Melanie.  The boys are getting excited.  Andrew is making sure he is ready to jump in and help his little sister.  He helped Mark put the stroller together and made sure he read all the instructions so we knew how to safely take care of his sister.  It was so cute.  He practiced pushing it all around the house and clicking the infant carrier in the stroller as well as removing it from the stroller.  He informed us we could not put the baby in the bottom basket.  It is for carrying stuff, not the baby.

Mason keeps telling me he is ready for her to get here.  He is helping me with everything these days.  If he sees me carrying anything or trying to sweep the floor he jumps up and says, "I'll get that mom".  I am getting spoiled!  He is going to be such a blessing to his wife someday. 

Melanie is going to be so blessed with two big brothers that love her so much.  I know we will have plenty of fun together and she will love her brothers just as much in return.  I pray they will all be close in spite of the age differences.  This household is about to get even more active and exciting...if that is possible!


Anonymous said...

Awwww. That is soooo sweet! I love that Andrew had to make sure you knew not to put her in the basket! lol
And I can just see Mason jumping up to help! He is such a thoughtful, kind young man! Love you all and miss you terribly! Can't wait to see Melanie!

Love and kisses,
Aunt Wawee

MadisonLeigh;) said...

I cant wait!!!!!! make sure to post pictures of Mellie Belly