Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School Blues

For the very first time the boys were not overly excited about going back to school.  I think it is because they do not want to leave their new little sister behind.  They are just smitten with her and it is so cute.  I have to admit, since I am home right now, I hate to not have them home all day too.  Once the day arrived they were pretty excited and ready to go back. 

It was an interesting morning.  Getting 3 kids ready to go in the morning is quite different!  Mark was home but was leaving for the airport that day.  He was able to take the kids for their first day.  You know I couldn't stay behind so Melanie and I went along too.
Here's little Melanie riding with her two big brothers to their first day of school as 6th and 2nd graders.  Doesn't she look excited?

Boy do I love these not so little guys!

We dropped Mason off at the intermediate campus and drove around to the elementary building.  I asked Andrew if he wanted me to walk him inside on his first day.  He had a funny look on his face and said, "no way mom"  I guess second graders don't need mommy to walk them inside.  At least Melanie will let me walk her in someday...I hope not too soon.   :)


Jodee said...

Cute back to school pictures! We had the blues too -- the Kindergarten Blues, that is!

I bet it's crazy with three kids! I can't even imagine being outnumbered! HA HA!

Hope you have a great weekend!

LifeAsSheFollows said...

I would let you walk me into school aunt amy! cute pics by the way ;D