Monday, October 3, 2011

A Dedicated Brother...

Andrew is full of questions about his baby sister.  He is inquisitive by nature anyway, add to that his love and concern for his baby sister, and he is intense!  When he rides in the backseat with her he always consoles her so sweetly when she cries and gives me the play by play of everything she does.  When her blanket fell on the floor at church yesterday and he was quick to ask me if I should cover her up with it anymore. 

From the day she was born, he would ask me when we were going to take her to church.  I told him she had to get bigger before we would take her to church and one day we would stand up in front of our church and make a promise to teach Melanie about Jesus, just like we did with he and Mason.  I explained it was called a baby dedication.  The first Sunday we took Melanie to church he asked if we were going to take her up front.  I told him no, she would be bigger when we do that.  We waited a couple of weeks before we took her back to church, but again Andrew asked if we were taking her up front.  I told him no again and explained it would be several months.  He then asked me how the baby dedication worked.  I told him we go up to the altar with brother pepper in front of our church family.  He then interjected, "Do you hold her up like this", demonstrating by holding his hands way above his head and trying to sing the native African chant at the beginning of the Circle of Life song during this scene of a familiar movie:
I couldn't help it, I cracked up laughing!  I explained it isn't like the Lion King movie.  Now he was totally serious when he asked but when he saw me laughing, he got silly and said Dad or I should do it to be funny.  Mark held back his laughter (for a while) and explained to Andrew that being silly when we are making a promise to God was disrespectful to Him.  Andrew understood what his dad was telling him but I couldn't help but giggle at how his little mind was trying to envision how it worked and the Lion King scene is what came to mind when I was explaining the formality.  But, like Andrew, I have one more question.  Who's the monkey, me or Mark...or in keeping with the movie, is Brother Pepper the monkey?

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Davene Grace said...

I love the way little minds work! That would be one memorable baby dedication!! :)