Sunday, November 4, 2007


Well, I made the trip to Canton for the big trade days. November is a great time to go to get a head start on Christmas shopping. The weather was PERFECT. The SUN was shining but it was just a bit chilly until afternoon. All of the girls at work in the operations department decided to caravan to Canton, bring girlfriends and family and meet up for lunch. Carolyn came with me and we met the fun girls I work with at lunch but went on our separate ways. It was WAY TOO CROWDED to try to stay together. Carolyn and I went and had a great time getting good original ideas for gifts. I wish I would have gotten more pictures but it was a little too crazy. I thought I'd post this one that is a favorite.I wanted Carolyn to pose by our overflowing buggy and she decided to ham it up with these crazy glasses she found at the booth next to her. I has such a fun time just laughing and shopping in the beautiful weather outside. It was a much needed stress reliever for top it all off Mark kept the boys. He took them with him to paint a few rooms in Carolyn's house for her. She was so thrilled when he told her Friday night he was doing that for her. I just love that sweet man I am married to. Thank You, Mark for giving me and Carolyn such a blessing this weekend.

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Nonna said...

Carolyn sounds like she would be a fun gal to hang around with! What a sweet husband you have! I'm so glad that Canton isnt too far a drive for all of us. I just love going there! Glad you had a great weekend!