Thursday, July 10, 2008

Andrew's Antics

Boy have we been busy the past few weeks and I have been a blog slacker again. We have been enjoying summer with one another. I will have to do several post to share with you some of the fun we have been having. In the mean time, I had to post some of Andrew's antics. He keeps us in stitches! We usually hold back the laughter to administer the "tough love" and wait to giggle once the boys are in bed. Sometimes it gets really hard to keep a strait face...

We were at church one Sunday morning and our youth choir was performing. One of the songs they performed was his favorite..."Awesome God", which Andrew sings all the time. He smiled and joined in with the kids singing. All of the sudden he stopped abruptly, scowled at me and said, very loudly, "That is my song, why are they singing it?"

The latest Andrewism:

Chick-el-lay = this

While we were staying in a hotel in Joplin, Missouri with a lot of Mark's extended family for the July 4th weekend we decided to enjoy the indoor pool and relaxing hot tub one evening. I purchased several water guns for the kids to all enjoy while playing in the pool. The boys were having a blast having a shootout with their cousins. Andrew climbed out of the pool and walked over to the hot tub where a couple was relaxing. He shot them both in the back of the head! He ran away laughing and I wanted to crawl under a rock! He was truly taking no prisoners...not even the innocent bystanders were safe! I apologized profusely and thankfully they were accepting of my apology and found the humor in the situation. Andrew and I then had a conversation about appropriate water gun play. This goes into the "sentence I never thought I would actually have to say" category..."Andrew, you cannot shoot strangers with your water gun." He looked at me so confused as if he was wondering how anyone could think he was anything but adorable, even after being a senseless victim of his water gun massacre.


Kimi said...

We have our own Dennis the Menace down the road.

That Kangaroo...what are we going to do with him?


Ken & Kristi said...

LOL, too funny when you told me that today! Yep, he and Nita will get along fine!!!

Grannalisa said...

I love it!! Little boys!! Just wait until they are older and pull some stunts like Austin and Hayden-dressing up like Indians to scare the cheerleaders before the Winnsboro game, trying to get the cat to swim, the cinnamon test, etc.!! Boys are fun if you live through it. :)

Cathy said...

That is so sweet... I know exactly how Andrew feels... Awesome God is my favorite too! He is so precious.